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Winner of the Prize Brolæggerprisen 2018 Kragh & Berglund

Vinder af Brolæggerprisen 2018 Kragh & Berglund

Tingbjerg Library and Culture House

debate about Liveability

Kragh & Berglund wins 2 awards at the ESTATE MEDIA PRIZE 2018

A lecture with Kragh & Berglund

Generationernes Hus at BLOX – “Welcome Home”

The official opening of “Stranden”

Starting at Stranden

Broendby Strand

Site: Brøndby, Denmark
Area: 900.000 m2
Status: Ongoing 1. prize 2014

How transformed an area of 8,000 inhabitants of a new master plan? Future Brøndby Strand Parks is an area that includes a high quality urban and located in the middle of nature. It has the best of nature and the best of the city. Nature up close and a rich urban life. This refers environment into every aspect of daily life – and become a benchmark in energy, transport and socially. Today, all the buildings and the landscape orchestrated east-west. The settlement appears monotonous and makes the place poor in experiences. The buildings are classified by function and layered both in plan and section. The ramparts and the separated traffic pattern means that pedestrians and cyclists in general have never track, which ultimately means that it feels unsafe to travel in area. At the same time we have climate challenges at district level especially in terms of rainwater where we as a society in the coming years have to devise new solutions. These major changes will be used to create values, spatially, socially and environmentally. A new face to the world. These challenges emerge for 5 overall landscape strategies: Establish 4 new locations are buildings hinges and new face to the outside world. Opens up the seats, so spatial orientation changed to go south-north across the buildings to break the homogeneity. Establish a stormwater park in Esplanade Park which merged with the settlement. Establish a new east-west connection in level urban Strait, which brings together cyclists and pedestrians at the same level at the center of the seats. Establish a new green super bike path that meets the Straits by the four new seats. The master plan won the 1st price 2014 Extract of dommerbetænkningnen “project description of storm water management, the competition most ambitious and as such exemplary climate protection and the generator of a new urban development.” Collaborators: Domus, BCVA and Moe A / S Copyrights: Domus, BCVA and Moe a / S Media: POLICY BO WEST ARCHITECTS ASSOCIATION YOUR HOME E ARCHITECT

AAbenraa ensured the sea with klimaboulevard

Åbenrå ensured
the sea with

Climate boulevard combines recreational assets with climate protection. Through the simple raising the road towards the sea and establish a green belt, get Åbenrå secured to the sea and new recreational values. The cost of flood is huge and is a key driver for future security. We have in our project provided a flood-protection to level 2.50. Protection against flooding is done by digging a canal along Gasværksvej. Earth used to build a dike while there etab¬leres a green promenade along the canal. On the islands in the harbor secured against frem¬tidig flooding by dredging of channels and placement of the ground to the desired height.

Partners: Transform, Nira, Gehl Architects, Rikke Stenbro

Square Caroli shoppingcenter inaugurated

Square Caroli

Square Caroli opened and dedicated. The proposal is built around a coherent floor in natural stone, branching both inside and out, forming the basis for the interaction of inter-tiered seats. Square Caroli is the focal point for a transformation of the neighborhood and district, and is used as a generator to lift the district’s urban life. SHL is the talented architects on the job. The place is worth a visit and the very structure of the shopping center is different and new. The neighborhood makes a positive contribution to the city and urban life – congratulations to Square Caroli and Malmö City.

Furuset in Architecture N and youtube

1st prize Hvidovre Hospital

1st prize

We have with schmidt hammer lassen architects, Aarhus architects, Søren Jensen Engineering, Royal Haskoning won Hvidovre Hospital.

1st prize Tølløse daycare

1st prize

We have together with COBE won Tølløse daycare.

We are prequalified to Bispebjerg Hospital

We are prequalified
Bispebjerg Hospital

We are with SHL and HASSELL (UK), MJ Medical (UK) Haskoning DHV (NL) against the following teams:

AIA Associés (F) with the following external consultants:  COBE ApS (DK), LIW Planning ApS (DK), Dominia A/S (DK), Wessberg A/S (DK), Wissenberg A/S (DK), Transsolar GmbH (DE), SINTEF (N)

Brunet-Saunier Architecture SAS (F) PLH Arkitekter A/S (DK) with the following external consultants: Niras A/S (DK), Artelia (F), Lyngkilde (DK), 1:1 Landskab(DK), Transsolar (F, DE, USA)

CF Møller Danmark A/S (DK) with the following external consultants: Terroir ApS (DK/AU), Alectia A/S (DK), Søren Jensen A/S (DK)

COWI A/S (DK) with the following external consultants: COWI Norge AS (N), Nordic Office and Arc. (N), AART architects A/S(DK), CCO A/S (DK), Marianne Levinsen ApS (DK)

KHR arkitekter A/S (DK) WHR Architects Europa (USA/DK) Arup Denmark (Ove Arup & Partners Int. Lt) (UK)with the following external consultant: Schønherr A/S (DK) Rafael de la-hoz arquitectos (ES) Perkins+Will Architects (USA) Dissing+Weitling architecture A/S (DK) Buro Happold Ltd. (UK/DK) Gustafson Porter (UK)

4 hearts to DTU 324

4 hearts
DTU 324

The atmosphere from the DTU campus garden is drawn into the lightweight building. The olive trees are green year a round, and together with natural ventilation and the large glass surfaces give the feeling that you are sitting in a large conservatory in the beautiful gardens.

Read the full review at Politiken

1. Prize Helsingborg Hospital

1. Prize

We have won Helsingborg Hospital with SHL Architects, Århus arkitekterne og NNE Pharmaplan.

We have been safety approved by the probation service

We have been
safety approved
by the probation service

We have been cleared by the probation service to get in on two of its prisons with Nira and EMA.

Prequalified to VGU Vietnam with DPA

to VGU Vietnam
with DPA

We are prequalified to VGU university campus together with DPA Dominique Perrault Atelier and HL/PP engineers,

Prequalified for Linkoping grows the creek

prequalified for
Linkoping grows
the creek

Along with Transform, Trivector, Kreera, Centerlöf & Holmberg and Fforum we are prequalified for LINKÖPING INNER CITY GROWS.

We are prequalified to Gentofte sports park

We are prequalified
to Gentofte
sports park

Along with Christensen & Co.. Architects, NORD Architects, BALSLEV Consulting Engineers and Oluf Jørgensen Consulting Engineers, we are prequalified for Gentofte sports park. Phase 3 is expected to include a new stadium training ground with grandstand, new sports hall with playing fields, community facilities and associated parking. Furthermore, the establishment of outdoor activity trail and facilities for school sports .

We win framework Agreement for AAB

We win
framework Agreement
for AAB

We have won AABS range of parallel framework agreements for technical advice in connection. new construction and remodeling / renovation with DOMUS and Orbicon.

Newsletter December 2012

December 2012

>> Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from Kragh & Berglund with parkour park in Oslo, 3 bridges and summer on Bornholm with projects from the Land of Opportunities, follow the link to the newsletter…..

We win Klostermarkskolen Roskilde

We win

We have won Klostermarksskolen School along with Hansen and Co., JJW Architects, engineer Oluf Jørgensen. The proposal is based on creating a robust and simple landscape where outdoor areas are as a clearing in a hardwood forest, with school buildings as back east. A landscape where surfaces activated to create exciting sequences that inspire and challenge children. This application note provides guidelines for how the school could ultimately be furnished in order to create a sustainable framework for how the school can be developed over time.

Opportunities Country realdania


Kragh & Berglund involved with three projects on the island in the land of opportunity. The three projects are Sandvig boardwalk, Østermarie square and trails around Klemensker and Østerlars. Land of Opportunities are based on maintaining and improving the qualities and potentials that already exist in the periphery of the day – such as cultural heritage, nature, space, peace and quiet. Projects are evaluated by Hausenberg – read more about our projects HERE.

Prækvalificeret til Helsingborg sygehus

It is difficult for us to say no and we therefore get many unusual projects, which are often the most original and innovative ones. We seek diversity in the projects.

We would like to keep you posted about what’s happening once or twice a year. Register for our newsletter at

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We are prequalified to Tingbjerg culture

We are prequalified
to Tingbjerg

Together with COBE and Søren Jensen Consulting Engineers, we are pre-qualified for the construction of a new cultural center and library in Tingbjerg. There is hope that the house appears as trademark for Tingbjerg, a distinctive architectural statements that reflect cultural and leisure activities. In addition, the material choice will be crucial, because of the wish for a “maintenance-free” building. The new cultural center and library in Tingbjerg must be directly related to and integrated with Tingbjerg School and Tingbjerg pool.

Udarbejdelse af grundlag for byplan Hauknås, Bergen, Norge

Preparation of
basis for urban
Hauknås, Bergen, Norge

we are selected together with COBE to develop three concepts for the development of Haukås. The first is a traditional expansion. The second will focus in a more comprehensive, integrated solution for technical and social infrastructure. The third will have rail planning as a basic requirement. For all concepts must be able to be a phased development. Projects must be comparable in terms of the primary structure, policies, program quality and realism.

Prequalified for children universe Grindsted

Prequalified for
children universe

We have been shortlisted along with COBE to the universe of children in Grindsted. Dubai Municipality has initiated a process to children called “Children’s Universe”. The process involves the municipality wants to be proactive and to think: Thinking of changing structures in altered units in size and changed content. Therefore offered the job, involving a total advice for conversion and extension to the Children’s Universe in Billund Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 comprises the construction / extension of approximately 800kvm. at the address Engdraget 8 in London. Phase 2 includes the conversion of two existing buildings, approximately 1 200kvm. Located on Engdraget 8 and Tuen 2 in Billund. The task includes comprehensive advice on the basis of a program document prepared by the institution’s users. The assignment includes both design as the execution period.

1. prize in Sino ecocity competition

1. prize in
Sino ecocity

We have won the master plan and landscape design for the Sino ecocity, in competition with Steven Holl and GMP architects. The project covers a land area on 50.000 m2 a park and a platform that connects 5 cultural buildings. The nature and the city merge together to one unit. Park, culture, nature is mixed with a foundation of green. It evolves from each other and provides benefits for both. The city provides new possibilities for nature, new sites for green and the nature provides shadow, breaks the wind and creates a nice microclimate, scenery and variations throughout the season. In cooperation with the amazing Chinese architectural company Archiland . We have several ongoing projects in exports in collaboration with Archiland, among other Samaranch memorial museum. It is by far the most interesting and largest project the office has been involved in so far.

Plug N Play is exihibited on New Nordic Louisiana

Plug N Play
is exihibited on
New Nordic Louisiana

Plug N Play is on display at the Louisiana exhibition New Nordic. New Nordic focus in three main themes – the place specific, community and public space – in areas where Nordic architecture has really made its mark in the first decade of the new millennium. Innovative buildings and original urban spaces bears witness to a rebirth of interest in the local and regional, but also a clear rejection of the kind of prestige monuments listed so many other places in the world. Read more about Plug N Play HERE .

Sandvig Beach Promenade inaugurated.

Sandvig Beach Promenade

Sandvig boardwalk was inaugurated June 27. This has Sandvig recovered their identity as an attractive destination. Sandvig has been coupled to the beach and the great Popes Palac Sandvig bay and Sandvig has new amenity value and use value. They’ve got a promenade, a place, a new dune landscape, a cave, Bornholm longest bench – they’ve got a destination and goal of Sandvig’s citizens and tourists. We are proud to have helped make a difference and have created new values of Sandvig. Congratulations on the beach promenade.

See the link for TV Bornholm.

See link to bonholmsk Gazette.

See link to the land of opportunity.

Thanks to Gugga Zakariasdottir a formidable effort for 7 years.

Thanks to PL contract, they have done a most excellent job and we would like to give them a personal recommendation along the way. Woodwork on the seafront is fantastic.

Thanks to Realdania to support the project without their support to export the project would not have happened.

Thanks to Sandvig Civic Association for 7 years to support the project.

Read more about the project here: Sandvig boardwalk

Move Kiruna 3 km

3 km

Kiruna conversion, or the city of Kiruna fled, is the ongoing project that involves moving parts of the city of Kiruna, Norrbotten County in northern Sweden. This is a result of mining in Kiirunavaara causes deformations in the ground, which move towards the city. The City of Kiruna Municipality has decided to city center should be moved to the east [1], approximately 3 km to 67 ° 51’1 “N 20 ° 18’2” O.

Mining in Kiirunavaara occurs underground with the so-called sub-level caving. This means that it breaks off and unload the iron ore from below the ore body. Waste rock is then allowed to fill the void that the ore is left behind. Orebody in Kiirunavaara inclined at approximately 60 degrees towards Kiruna. The rock mass overlying the ore body is called the hanging wall, while the ore body rests on is called the footwall. The slope of the ore makes the waste rock from the hanging wall collapses in and fills the cavities formed during ore extraction. Tensions in the rock makes the rock above the crack and gradually follow the downward path. The displacement is spreading upward and markdeformationer occurs at the surface, which over time develop into cracks.
Kiruna is located on the hanging side, and it is because of this that the city must be moved, not destroyed by ground displacements.
To markdeformationer occurs is a power of sublevel caving and it has long been known that the land affected by mining in Kiruna. In the 1970s, you had to cordon off the town island, which was very close to the quarry area, because of the cracks that occurred in the soil. The houses demolished since and people had to move from there. LKAB also drained Southern Luossajärvi to avoid markdeformationerna would cause the water from leaking into the sea mine. Dry facility began during the 1990s and is currently closed.

Read more on Wikipida

The team consists of:

COBE Aps (Copenhagen)
Kragh & Berglund (Copenhagen and Stockholm)
Moe & Bread Farm (Rødovre)
Yngve Andrén Consultancy AB (Stockholm)
Boris Brorman Jensen (Aarhus)

Fantastic task.

Magic in Vejle to further 2nd round

Magic in Vejle
to further
2nd round

We are further in the future suburbs of the project magic in Vejle. Magic in Vejle provides a different way for the suburbs – a more magical and eventful life. Read the jury report HER
The initiative “Future Suburbs” is to debate and visions for a future sustainable urban development in the suburbs, and is supported by REALDANIA. The team consists COBE, Kragh & Berglund, Esbensen Consulting Engineers, Sloth Møller, Hans Kristensen and ICP.

Newsletter April 2012

April 2012


We have just finalized a master plan for lighting, based on the special landscape at DTU.


Rasmus is the integration of rainwater solution to Dyvekeskolen.


Our website has been given a brush up and can now be viewed on smartphones, smaller and smarter – and in Danish. See it HERE.


Kildemarksvej at Næstved get a new pocket park with a focus on urban nature and movement of local residents / institutions. Read more about the project HERE.


Jonas is preparing for China – see the video on youtube HERE


We get 1 new boardwalk, 1 small room, two piers, lighting, bathroom facilities, 200 meters bench and new sand dunes to Sandvig for the price of an ordinary single-family house.


Future Caroli shopping center Malmö functions as a coherent urban space that surprises and captures the visitor’s interest.


The same coating inside and outside in module 30 * 30, 60 * 60 and 120 * 120.


We’re doing parkour in Furuset WORLD PARK, the first park of its kind in Norway. The project came about due to our experience of the world’s largest parkour park in Ørestad South. Both projects with amazing Team Jiyu.


DTU Space provides space technology to the world – now they get a low-tech intimate patio for a break in their daily lives.

Samaranch memorial Tianjin

The design of the super romantic park has started, with paths, bridges, hills, lakes, fountains, sculptures, roof garden, benches, grass and sand dunes.

Kragh&Berglund April 2012

Pre-qualified for the development of Sandvika, Norway

for the development
of Sandvika, Norway

Kragh&Berglund has been pre-qualified for the parallel assignment ‘Sandvika, Norway’ together with COBE, DRMA, Via Trafik and Yngve Andrèn.

The purpose of the parallel assignment is twofold and the two parts are to be seen in relation to each other:

• Demonstrate how the station area’s functionality, capacity, accessibility and adjustment to the city can be improved.
• Show how Sandvika downtown east can be developed and revitalised in a financially and environmentally sustainable way.

The parallel assignment will be used as an input to clarify the future use of the area through the area’s zone division and detailed plans. The competition will also be used as a basis for other work on other initiatives and revitalisation of the downtown area, which will be performed by the municipality and / or landowners, companies and other relevant parties involved in the project.

One of the purposes of the parallel assignment is to bring different strategies and solutions to a complex and challenging task.

A foundation for a gradual development showing initiatives and short-term and long-term potential is to be prepared.

Sandvig Beach Promenade Under construction

Beach Promenade
Under construction

Sandvig beach promenade is under construction and will open on 14 June. The project is to provide better access to Sandvig beach and increase the use of the area. The beach promenade includes removal of the wave pool, reestablishment of the dunes, promenade, bench along the promenade, stairs and bathing jetties to the water and lighting. Upgrading of the entire area

Tianjin Eco City 5 km2 eco city Competition

Tianjin Eco City
5 km2 eco city

Together with Archiland ltd we have been commissioned to participate in the competition for the central part of Tianjin Eco: the urban design of the city centre as well as the conceptual design of individual buildings. The other participants in the competition are Steven Holl Architects, GMP Architects and Paul Andreu Architecte. Five individual buildings are to mark the end of Tianjin eco valley.