Christina Mathiesen

Christina Mathiesen

Landscape Architect, M.Sc. in Horticultural Architecture

+45 81 72 74 56
+45 35 25 15 18

Year of birth


Educational background
2000-06 Landscape Architect, MDL, from the Royal Danish Veterinary and Agricultural University in Copenhagen

Danish and English

Danish Landscape Architects’ Association

Previous employments
2006/07 Tegnestuen Landskabsarkitektur
2005/06 Trainee Tegnestuen Landskabsarkitektur

Work experience
10 years of drawing office experience. Thorough knowledge of plants and materials. Expert knowledge in design and project planning of schoolyards and playgrounds

Role in the project
Project team member

Christina is employed in the company as a project team member and has four years of experience as a planning and project architect.

In her capacity as a project team member Christina has been involved in a number of the company’s schoolyard and playground projects from initial concept to project planning and detailed project planning. She has great professional knowledge about materials, plantation and furniture and equipment, in particular for schoolyards and playgrounds and for active urban spaces where physical activity constitutes a part of the design parameters.

Christina has been involved in developing new methods for planning of playgrounds and schoolyards, for example in connection with the SKUB project in Gentofte Municipality. Completed projects include Dyssegårdsskolen and Vigerslev Park Playground.

Selected references
Kragh & Berglund Landskabsarkitekter
Tingbjerg kulturhus, square and arrival area, project team member, ongoing project planning 2016
Stranden, bathing facilities – handicapped accessible, project team member, ongoing project planning 2016
Gentofte sportspark, project team member, quality assurance and monitoring of building site. Completed 2016
Johannesskolen,  Conceptual design, 2014-2015, project responsible leader. Completed 2015
Hvidovre hospital, ongoing project planning 2015-2016, project team member.
Rådhusvænge, Ølstykke Danmark, outdoor area + on-site rainwater management, ongoing project planning 2015-2016, Project responsible leader.
Helsingborg hospital, ongoing project planning 2014-2016, quality assurance responsible.
Dyvekeskolen, outdoor areas + LAR, ongoing project planning, 2012-13
Rosenlund, Vedbæk, Denmark, landscape plan, ongoing authority handling 2011
Bryghusgrunden, Copenhagen, Denmark, urban space development in cooperation with OMA, ongoing project planning 2011
Caroli Shopping Centre, Malmö, Sweden, urban city plan, first prize with SHL Architects, under construction 2010-11
Climate Kindergarten, Humlebæk, Denmark, playground for integrated kindergarten, completed 2011
Skovgårdsskolen, Gentofte, Denmark, schoolyards, completed 2010
Humlebæk Lilleskole, Denmark, master plan, completed 2010
Sankt Hans Gade Playground, Copenhagen, Denmark, landscape plan, completed 2009
Skovshovedskole, Gentofte, Denmark, schoolyard, completed 2010
Vigerslev Park Playground, the City of Copenhagen, Denmark, completed 2009
Maglegårdsskolen, Gentofte, Denmark, schoolyard, completed 2009
Plug N Play Activity Park, Ørestad Syd, Copenhagen, Denmark, completed 2009
Dyssegårdsskolen, Gentofte, Denmark, schoolyard, completed 2009
Ikea, Lodz, Poland, indoor garden/activity centre, project proposal, not completed, 2009
Ordrup School, Gentofte, Denmark, schoolyard, completed 2007
Tjørnegårdsskolen, Gentofte, Denmark, schoolyard, completed 2006
Bakkegårdsskolen, Gentofte, Denmark, roof garden and schoolyard, nominated for the Mies Van de Rohe Award 2007, completed 2004

Tegnestuen landskabsarkitektur v. Jacob Kamp
Biogen Idec, Hillerød, Denmark, phase 1, main project, project team member
Competition proposal “City spaces and urban life in Ørestad Syd”, project team member
Canteen garden, Biogen Idec, Hillerød, Denmark, sketch and main project, project team member
Sketch proposal for activity park, project team member
Waterfront, Hellerup, Denmark, project team member
Second prize, Rådhusparken, Frederiksværk, Denmark, construction plan and landscape, project team member
Competition Ryget Skovbakke, Værløse, Denmark, construction plan and landscape, project team member
Yard renovation of Andelsforeningen Holbækgården A/s, Copenhagen, Denmark, project team member
The open space at Indre Bys Medborgerhus, Denmark, project team member