Site: DTU Lyngby, Danmark
Area: 2.800 m2
Status: Under production

DTU Space produces high-tech space equipment to the entire world, including NASA. They are expanding and in connection with this an outdoor area will be established inspired by sound graphs and the stars in the sky. It is fantastic to have this in Denmark, see DTU Space. The landscape south of Building 327 is characterised by oak trees. Building 327 is thus one of the only buildings at DTU with the wood directly outside its windows. The leaves of the trees function as a filter for the sun and a screen to Elektrovej. The trees add a great quality to the new building, Master Building 328, an extension of Building 327, and the oak trees and the wild brushwood are maintained as an integrated part of the building design.

The landscape around SPACE Building 328 stems from the need to find a better solution for the traffic to and from the building. The functional solution of the traffic conditions is combined with the establishment of a presentable arrival area and a recreational zone for employees and students.

The area is laid out in three parts: an arrival area to the west where the primary purpose is to improve the traffic solution; a green space to the north with sheds, places to stay and parking of bicycles and a sunny green courtyard to the east with arrival for pedestrians and room for leisure.

In order to facilitate the transport of fragile measuring instruments without vibration, the access and exit areas are covered in asphalt that meets special requirements for a smooth surface. The other surfacing consists of DTU’s own reused natural stones: sett stones, bordure stones and cobblestones, laid in east-west bands. A starry sky of LED lights is set into the surfacing. The bands reach into the planting, which consists of ivy and various bulbs that form a luxurious carpet around the building, the paths and the open spaces.

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