Site: Copenhagen
Area: 36.000 m2
Status: School of the year 2014

Dyveke school open space is large and various. There are large green common areas in the South and more intimate open spaces the Southeast. In addition, the school has a large coherent common schoolyard centrally located and three smaller courtyards, located directly related to the classroom, etc.
Some of these areas, both toy, learning and sports areas are completely or partially worn. It is mainly these areas as desired renewed and refurbished in conjunction with the school’s new profile. It is in sketch proposal not intended to renovate the entire school outdoor area, but selected sites.
Special focus is on local rainwater drainage (SUDS) in the southern part of the idea is to establish a “water collection channel” along the slope against neighboring land register. The canal / ditch runs along almost the entire slope and culminates in a lavbundet lake. The inner courtyards gather water in sealed steel vessel and a tepid, the clips with a stopper in the drain. Water plant will be part of the school’s teaching facilities outdoors. SUDS solutions are robust, low-tech operation and friendly.
In direct relation to the subject rooms establishes a direct level terrace where the teaching can move out. Here it is supposed to be separated from other tasks can grow outside / inside undervisning.Lærings terrace is made of robust materials and will be provided with protection, ramp and stairs to the adjoining land. In addition, opportunities will be provided in order to cover part of the terrace with attachable sail and set up trellises between subject rooms out. The existing vegetation that can be maintained in this area, but as far as possible be preserved so many of the major birch trees mm.

The project won the best school award in 2014.

Cooperators: KANT, COWI, KEjd, Dyvekeskolen

Copyright landscape: Kragh & Berglund Landskabsarkitekter A/S

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