Location: Aarhus, DK

Area/size: 7.200 m2 landscape

Status: Under construction (expected to be completed in 2020)

Developer: Aarhus Municipality

The project is a collaboration between Aarhus Municipality and Brabrand Boligforening, and involves bringing together different generations in a single building: children, young people, the elderly, the disabled and families. Generationernes Hus will accommodate both institutions, cafes, family-, study-, elderly- and handicapped apartments. Kragh & Berglund are the landscape architects of the project, while RUM and ERIK Architects are the building architects.

The landscape around Generationernes Hus creates an inviting, active and green entrance to the house, and offers a high degree of flexibility. The programming of the outdoor areas is closely connected to the internal programs. It should be possible to easily pull activities outside, and the outdoor areas must support and depict the activities taking place inside the house.

A diverse outdoor area is created, where shifts between large open areas, green breathing rooms and activity spaces together create a landscape that welcomes and kinds of users. The building itself is placed on a large continuous concrete surface, thus eliminating the boundary between outside and inside.

The surface consists of 4 x 4 m plates of cast concrete, which gives the floor a scale and structure quite similar to what is found around harbor front. The plates are bordered by steel edges, and parts of the concrete surface are done with a variation in the material structure. Guiding lines in cast iron are integrated into the surface and becomes a part of the overall design. The hard surface is broken by green islands with plants and trees. The green islands are cut into the concrete and plants are placed in the recesses. Some islands are raised, enabling the edges to be used for seating. This ensures that seating areas are easily accessible to the elderly and the disabled people, who need extra support. The house’s distinctive pillar and arcade motifs are made green by using lush climbing plants, that moves up the columns and facades.

Copyright landscape: Kragh & Berglund Landscape Architects A/S

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