Site: Sandvig, Bornholm
Area: 3.500 m2
Status: Realized 2012

Sandvig is uniquely situated and has many attractions such as Sandvig bay and several preservation-worthy buildings. The proposal for Sandvig consists of establishing a simple code of practice which will enhance the identity of Sandvig and be flexible in relation to the functional requirements.

– Re-establishment of the coast line by reshaping the ground in order to enhance the experience of a bay.
– Establishment and extension of the path system to enhance the fairytale position of Sandvig in a scenic area.
– Selection of a number of places in Sandvig which can be converted into urban spaces.
– Proposal to change the street profile to achieve interaction between the streets and the historic buildings in respect to scale and design.
– Proposal for simplified and modernised street light installation which will require less operation and provide good functional lighting.

The beach promenade will be established as an attractive and charming urban space with a variety of rooms and good open spaces with observation points, market place, play area, areas with shelter and outdoor catering. By upgrading the area into an urban space you will be able to retain the visitors and contribute to the attractive experience provided by the rocks, the beach and the sea.

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