Yongwei Li

Yongwei Li

Senior Architect

Tel: +86 (10) 65571882
Cell: +86 18611751485

Email: lee@kragh-berglund.com

Lee is employed as a project manager on our Chinese landscape projects and ensures that they are completed to a high quality. Lee has ten years of practical experience from various architect companies and clients and has worked on projects of all scales until their completion.

Year of birth 1979


Educational background

1998/2002 Central South University of Forest and Technology, Changsha, China – Degree: BA

Chinese, English

Previous employment

2002/04 Taizhou City Landscape Design Firm, Landscape Architect

2004/11 Beijing Four Seasons Landscape Design and Constructional Company, Chief Landscape Architect
Work experience

9 years
Role in the project

Project manager
Selected references

ChangYang Outlet, Beijing 2010, Technology control

Zhonghai Int’l Community Landscape Land I, ShenYang, 2000, Landscape Architect

Purple Garden Residential Landscape, Beijing, 2000, Chief Landscape Architect

Shanxi Jiajing Rd and Riverside Landscape, Pu Town, Shan Xi,1999, Chief Landscape Architect

China Electronic Zhongguancun Park, Beijing, 1998, Chief Landscape Architect

Yongan Area (Phase II), Beijing , 1998 Technology control

City Round Landscape Reconstruction Consultancy, Shenzhen 1997, Chief Landscape Architect

Forest Park of Yangtai Mountain Landscape, Shenzhen 1997, Chief Landscape Architect

山西潞安机电厂景观改造 1996, Chief Landscape Architect

山西漳村公路环境景观改造工程Zhangcun Railway Landscape 1996, Shanxi Chief Landscape Architect

Liudian Electronic Company Landscape Design, Shanxi Province 1996, Chief Landscape Architect

Luan Coal Ltd Landscape, Shanxi 1996, Chief Landscape Architect

北京水墨江南居住区环境景观工程 WaterPainting Residential, Beijing 1995, Chief Landscape Architect

Shangzuo CityGarden Residencial, Tangshan1994, Chief Landscape Architect