1. prize in Sino ecocity competition

1. prize in
Sino ecocity

We have won the master plan and landscape design for the Sino ecocity, in competition with Steven Holl and GMP architects. The project covers a land area on 50.000 m2 a park and a platform that connects 5 cultural buildings. The nature and the city merge together to one unit. Park, culture, nature is mixed with a foundation of green. It evolves from each other and provides benefits for both. The city provides new possibilities for nature, new sites for green and the nature provides shadow, breaks the wind and creates a nice microclimate, scenery and variations throughout the season. In cooperation with the amazing Chinese architectural company Archiland . We have several ongoing projects in exports in collaboration with Archiland, among other Samaranch memorial museum. It is by far the most interesting and largest project the office has been involved in so far.