Holbæk Sportsby won a price!


Opening of the new dance pavilion in Rågsved last week – of course we were there trying our best moves.


Tingbjerg Library and Culture House is featuring in the new exhibition ‘Communities Between the Walls’ at Danish Architecture Center.

Broendby Strand

Site: Brøndby, Denmark
Area: 900.000 m2
Status: Ongoing 1. prize 2014

How transformed an area of 8,000 inhabitants of a new master plan? Future Brøndby Strand Parks is an area that includes a high quality urban and located in the middle of nature. It has the best of nature and the best of the city. Nature up close and a rich urban life. This refers environment into every aspect of daily life – and become a benchmark in energy, transport and socially. Today, all the buildings and the landscape orchestrated east-west. The settlement appears monotonous and makes the place poor in experiences. The buildings are classified by function and layered both in plan and section. The ramparts and the separated traffic pattern means that pedestrians and cyclists in general have never track, which ultimately means that it feels unsafe to travel in area. At the same time we have climate challenges at district level especially in terms of rainwater where we as a society in the coming years have to devise new solutions. These major changes will be used to create values, spatially, socially and environmentally. A new face to the world. These challenges emerge for 5 overall landscape strategies: Establish 4 new locations are buildings hinges and new face to the outside world. Opens up the seats, so spatial orientation changed to go south-north across the buildings to break the homogeneity. Establish a stormwater park in Esplanade Park which merged with the settlement. Establish a new east-west connection in level urban Strait, which brings together cyclists and pedestrians at the same level at the center of the seats. Establish a new green super bike path that meets the Straits by the four new seats. The master plan won the 1st price 2014 Extract of dommerbetænkningnen “project description of storm water management, the competition most ambitious and as such exemplary climate protection and the generator of a new urban development.” Collaborators: Domus, BCVA and Moe A / S Copyrights: Domus, BCVA and Moe a / S Media: POLICY BO WEST ARCHITECTS ASSOCIATION YOUR HOME E ARCHITECT

AAbenraa ensured the sea with klimaboulevard

Åbenrå ensured
the sea with

Climate boulevard combines recreational assets with climate protection. Through the simple raising the road towards the sea and establish a green belt, get Åbenrå secured to the sea and new recreational values. The cost of flood is huge and is a key driver for future security. We have in our project provided a flood-protection to level 2.50. Protection against flooding is done by digging a canal along Gasværksvej. Earth used to build a dike while there etab¬leres a green promenade along the canal. On the islands in the harbor secured against frem¬tidig flooding by dredging of channels and placement of the ground to the desired height.

Partners: Transform, Nira, Gehl Architects, Rikke Stenbro

Square Caroli shoppingcenter inaugurated

Square Caroli

Square Caroli opened and dedicated. The proposal is built around a coherent floor in natural stone, branching both inside and out, forming the basis for the interaction of inter-tiered seats. Square Caroli is the focal point for a transformation of the neighborhood and district, and is used as a generator to lift the district’s urban life. SHL is the talented architects on the job. The place is worth a visit and the very structure of the shopping center is different and new. The neighborhood makes a positive contribution to the city and urban life – congratulations to Square Caroli and Malmö City.

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