Site: Sydhavn, Copenhagen
Area: 52.000 m2
Status: Start report KK

Today there is increased focus on urban space; life between the houses and development of recreational activities is not necessarily functional, as before, but to a greater extent creates value that helps ensure the development of the city and the individual resident’s need for urban space quality.

As many remote and new urban areas in Copenhagen have developed, opinions about their urban and landscape qualities unfold, including closeness, urban space, architecture, shops, infrastructure, design, etc. These opinions come not only from planners, architects, landscape architects, developers and other professionals but also from the squares, street and cafés of the city.

Vision, process and strategy over time are essential. Despite good planning it is unfortunately not difficult to find examples of initiatives that could have been different and better in the new town districts when seen with the eyes of today. However, debate is often difficult because the interaction between all the elements that create modern ‘urban life’ is complicated and what is correct today may be ‘wrong’ tomorrow. Architecture, legislation, economy and different political agendas are just some of the elements that should form a synthesis.

We have chosen to focus on three main elements that we want to define hereafter. The three elements are sustainability, flexibility and experience. These are elements that we believe should be included in the initial concept of a deeply rooted and changeable local area that will contribute to life and varying experiences for a long time ahead. The elements are absolutely key to the interconnection of the sub areas, which are arranged according to function.

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