Site: Copenhagen NW, Denmark
Area:15.000 m2
Status: Development- and careplan.

The aim of the project is to ensure a future qualitative development of a green courtyard. It is a minor but important task to ensure proper maintenance of the green outdoor areas so that the residents and the users are guaranteed a pleasant experience. The task consists of the preparation of a proposal for a development plan for existing open areas of Bygmesterhaven in the districts Ydre Nørrebro / Nordvest in Copenhagen. The task contains an upgrading of the open areas as well as a short description of maintenance / improvements in the text and layout drawings in plan and section. The purpose of the development plan is to collate the necessary actions into one well-arranged file in which the overall analysis of the courtyard is treated together with any future practical actions with regard to renovation and operation. The development plan will result in the upgrading of the areas over a period of several years in order for them to appear more interesting and eventful.

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