Site: Changsha, China
Area: 158.000 m²
Status: 1st phase, realized 2008

A luxuriant and richly varied plantation is used as a landscape feature to create variation and experiences in the very densely built-up area. The plants provide shade and the water provides coolness in the subtropical climate. The edge of the lake will be established in various levels with sandy beaches, wetlands, bridges and breakwaters. By using plants, water and a varied terrain it will be possible to create a landscape relatively cheaply which provides intimacy and communicates the scale to the densely built-up area/tall buildings.

Above the arrival area ‘blocks’ of water will arise like they are shooting themselves out of the terrain. Fountains will produce oxygen in the water and the seepage through a stone filter will cleanse the water in the lake.

The lake promenade lies low and in direct connection to the water. Zones of various vegetations will sling along the promenade. Small paths turn into bridges and connect the lake to the housing area.

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