Site: Ølstykke
Area: 11.000 m2
Status: Ongoing 1st prize 2014

A central plot with great potential reason is centrally located, with close and easy access to public and private transport. How do we make the land attractive not just for residents, but also to an area that raises the quality of the district, and builds on the history of Egedal as an attractive and green municipality of domicile? Nature close to the homes proposal is based on the nature that surrounds Ølstykke and is a major reason for the Egedal is an attractive municipality to. We are trying to attract nature close to the homes. Rain water is kept in a tenement desire to attract nature close to homes and completely decouple rainwater is the main drives for the design of the landscape. The reason is 3 meters down to the roundabout and rain water flow out into the middle of the plot and delays in ditches and seepage areas before the end of the collection basin at the roundabout. Drilling profiles indicates that it should be possible to percolate rainwater on their own land – that is to decouple the rain water completely from the sewer system. The water flow through the courtyard combined with a branched network of paths used to create a variety of plantation and functional zones. As along a creek where there are dry areas with grass, wet areas with reeds and a small bridge, an overturned strain that gives a sitting area, and areas with gravel and boulders that make up a play area. Nature is the inspiration for landscape design. The paths are the framework for the social fabric of the buildings of the central path is placed in the middle of the village square, forming arrival space. The paths to the building well lit with spotlights from the master – which is screened out so they do not interfere with the homes. Spots on the same master stages while the green qualities of the buildings, and provide reassurance in the dark hours. The paths are drawn away from the buildings so that a private zone around the terraces / homes. The paths will break all the time to put the green and vegetation in the scene. Wide benches in standard modules breaks along the paths and making the paths to a place where residents meet sit and watch the kids play or just relax and read a book. Lush and varied vegetation planting consists of two layers – high-stemmed trees and ground cover planting. The trees provide shade in summer, shelter, experiences and variety throughout the year. The ground cover vegetation provides space and variation in the bottom. Shrubs are omitted for clarity and confidence in the settlement. The trees are oaks, wild cherry, Scotch pine, ash, hvidpil and alder. There is a lystræer, which allows light to come into the building and are not violent shade. There are mainly selected species are considered to be resident in Denmark. The trees are planted with oak and Scots pine in the driest areas. Ask and hvidpil in the wet areas. The grounds cover vegetation, is again zone red on how wet or dry zone. There are wet zones with irises and reeds percolating rainwater down and dry zones with cut grass and tall waving grasses. Zones with gravel and sand, and rocks that act as play areas when they are not flooded. There used plants / perennials primarily based in Denmark and who can do without tremendous care. Moses Heap, ivy, ground elder in bed, honeysuckle, iris, reeds, uncut meadow mix, cut grass, top star, vinca, fern. Plants should be after the first year of care, largely to fend for themselves. Materials that are sustainable in the same way as the basement reused, we suggest materials from the existing town hall recycled – and the parking area to the east recycled and beautified with plantings. Materials that can be recycled is any natural stone cobblestone to the trails, natural shale from courtyards can be reused in joint space and if there is hard burnt bricks from retaining walls can be reused in the coating. Large stones, pebbles and gravel sorted and recycled. Existing trees preserved as far as possible. The different materials in the courtyard garden provide an intimate and garden-like atmosphere. New materials are to be sustainable, care and material point of view of their entire life. An attractive and green courtyard west of the common space in the middle is common place, here’s an herb garden for the residents and there is room for communal meals. More permanent barbecue makes it attractive to sit here one evening, barbecuing and enjoying the views to the west. Rainwater is collected down housing estate in simple ditches and produces its own designs, with gurgling water where it falls down the common house and open water surface towards the roundabout. External signals tenement green awareness and invite you to a patio where there is lush, many niches and opportunity for both to be private, along more or meet for the annual farm party in public square. Partners: DAB, Domus and Oluf Jørgensen Copyrights: Domus (buildings) Kragh & amp; Berglund (landscape) Media: EGEDAL MUNICIPALITY TODAY’S CONSTRUCTION Zealand MEDIA

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