Site: Dyssegårdsskolen Gentofte, Denmark
Area: 2.300 m2
Status: Realized 2008

The playground is based on the existing terms in the form of planting and the large terrain variations. The terrain is adapted to make the site more accessible and usable. The existing plantation is reduced, to allow more light to the ground and to give more focus on the existing sculptural pine trees that are scattered on the slopes.

The proposal considers different types of stay, in form of play areas, quiet activities, social and educational activities.

The slopes are used as a part of the play area and a “Tarzan” obstacle course are placed here with different play elements and creates an area for wild games. The course gives different physical challenges in form of climbing poles, swings, tree stumps for balance, forming a course down the steep slope. A “zig-zag” ramp with red rubber coating are located along the obstacle course and provides a connection to other school play areas, and to a stage area with associated amphi staircase.

The remaining space around the building with Nature and Technology are used as a terrace area and furnished with plant boxes. This area has a direct contact to the classrooms, providing good opportunities to use the area for outdoor teaching in the open or under the sails.

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