Location: Nørrebro, Copenhagen
Area: 5.000 m2
Status: Parallel task

Central to the experience of the proposal is the flowing movement of the path layout through the area as a slight heave. In some areas the paths are narrow, in other areas they are wide spaces with colourful benches for public use. Along the edges of the paths is a zone of luxuriant, wild plantation; some areas have wild honey-suckle and ferns, and in other areas the zone along the path consists of wetlands with reed and iris. On a late summer’s night you can walk through scented groves of honey-suckle and wild roses or on an early morning see the mist rising from the wetlands.

The plantation’s wild character and the water increase the city’s bio diversity – humans and birds and insects. Along the paths are shores and banks where you can either sit or balance on. In selected areas you can walk up over the edge to the open common with closely cropped grass where you can have a picnic, sunbathe on the grass or enjoy the cool shade of the trees or simply take a rest, read the paper and observe life in the park. In another area of the park is a gravelled bank with chairs, tables and benches where concerts can be held on a permanent stage. In a third area you can walk into a hollow with rocks and a place for a bonfire. The park becomes a varied space where you can be active and participate but also be passive and observing.

The immediate city environment will be activated and integrated into the park as a bridge to the surrounding city. In the northern end of the park you find yourself in an open area with a view down through Griffenfeldsgade. Here in the open area is a water feature which reflects the light and spreads the soft sound of water to its surroundings. The area is used as a market place, for fun, as a place to stay and as a café. Prins Jørgens Gade is converted into a residential road with bicycles and pedestrians – the street is treated as a part of the park with small open areas and simple lighting. Towards Stengade the park has been cut off with a large transparent screen which projects the light from the bonfire place. The park stretches into the street scene and its unique placing in the city landscape is rendered visible and strengthened.

The Folkets Park will function as an area centred round the path system and the various sub-areas of the park where life is lived through common activities, individual absorption and interaction between people. Each sub-area has its own characteristics, its own speciality, just as a brain with its folded nerve system and concentrated areas, registering and communicating each single sense of perception. The movement between the different atmospheres and stimulation of the senses in the form of sounds, scents, a mixture of materials, physical activities etc. is vital for the proposal.

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