Site: Beijing, China
Area: 78 970 m2
Status: Masterplan 2007

The concept is to combine cutting-edge architecture with existing old storage buildings and create a new creative cultural area, to complement the existing and very popular Dashanzi Art District, original 798 Factory, in northern Beijing. Twenty different house types from the architect competition GBD Design 500M3 will be constructed in the district in an asymmetrical structure. The diverse positions of the houses will form various outdoor spaces that can be used for cafés, restaurants, galleries, studios for artist, designers or other creative industries. The main idea is that these open spaces will create a sequence of piazzas that allows activation by all the different creative capacities in the area – either for contemporary art exhibitions, installations, film projections, live theatre or small concerts. By having this range of hybrid outdoor leisure facilities the different plazas can act as strong foundations for bringing people together socially as well as generating an enriching urban vibe.

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