Site: Herlev, Denmark
Area: 35.000 m2
Status: Project proposal

This task was based on the placing of approximately 10,000 m3 of earth removed during the construction of a new retention basin for wastewater. The task included consultancy from the draft proposal to local development planning and general authority handling. Following the approval of the local development plan the project is qualified in relation to the existing players in the area, Herlev Municipality’s operations department, which has a storage yard in the place, and a rehabilitation centre for addicts. The project is expected to be completed in 2011-2012.

The main element in the new park is a striking earth shape ‘The Volcano’, which is constructed in the middle of the park. Luxurious, new planting is designed around The Volcano in the form of troughs or lowered terraces. The idea is that over time these troughs will collect rainwater from the neighbouring buildings in the area. The terraces are planted with alder trees and monocultures of wild perennials and grasses of different height and colour, which create a striking and precise image that varies according to the season and the amount of precipitation.

A regional bicycle lane goes over the side of The Volcano and new gravel paths guide the users around in the park. The park is to be maintained extensively and only the crater and the epicentre of The Volcano will be kept as a finely cut lawn. All kinds of activities are to take place here; it can be used as a theatre, as a meeting place for child-minders, dog walkers, for concerts and much more. The rehabilitation centre previously used a part of the park where the grass was cut for ball games, etc. A luxurious garden for the senses and relaxation surrounded by a hedge is now established in close connection with the building.

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