Site: Karlshamn, Sweden
Area: 525.000 m2
Status: Ongoing

Karlshamn stream and harbour promenade is a strategic opportunity to work systematically with different sets of values over a long period of time that may help to change the image of the city of Karlshamn and give it a sharper profile, so that in the end Karlshamn will become a more attractive city to visit, stay and live in.

Karlshamn stream and harbour are the reasons why Karlshamn has such an incredibly beautiful location and our proposal aims to simultaneously improve the city on the following parameters:

This means that when we implement a physical element it must also provide more of the following:

– Financial sustainability.
– A better city to the residents.
– Greater quality of life.

Financial sustainability can be optimised in connection with selling of plots, continuation of urban areas, improved infrastructure, better branding and better opportunities to attract tourists who will want to stay longer in the city. This is a selection of opportunities; financial sustainability is important but it is also important to combine it with the qualitative development of the city in order to create a better city for the residents and greater quality of life.

A better city for the residents involves improving the conditions for those who live in the city; for example noise, the potential for leisure, recreational possibilities, good cycling and walking options and more cultural and leisure-time opportunities. It is necessary to constantly improve the environment in which the residents live, essentially to create better cities.

Increased quality of life through the implemented elements must result in a qualitatively aesthetical upgrading of the city, i.e. an element must not merely function technically but must also be combined into a whole that increases amenity value and the experience of Karlshamn overall, as a great city lying near the stream and the ocean, and to communicate this tension in an intelligent way.

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