Place: Greve, Denmark
Area: 15,000 m²
Status: 1. prize, not executed
The housing construction is established as a grove in the middle of the landscape with a clearing in the centre. The outer area consists of housing providing shelter and peacefulness in the central park area. In the central park area a light and open plantation with grasses, bushes and trees will be established. The ground has a slightly cup-shaped form around a communal area. The levels in the terrain in the central park area is taken up in a bevelled form that moves in a precise crystalline structure. Internal access roads are established as heaves in the ground, thereby dividing the space in the centre into smaller areas. The experience of the central space will be significantly different from the surrounding wetlands.

In the interior park space a number of activity zones are to be established with playgrounds, greenhouses, dance floors and a scent garden. The big open space will encourage activities and a sense of community. At the same time the residents have private areas with a high degree of intimacy close to the housing unit.

The rainwater is led into a low triangular pool in the central square where rainwater from the construction is caught. The pool has a maximum water level of 10 cm and will vary according to evaporation and rainfall. The reflection of the surface of the water will draw the sky down.


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