Site: Lodz, Poland
Area: 5.600 m2
Status: Project proposal

The main concept is to work with the changing scenery and different kind of energy flow. Water, forest and action zone are the main changing scenarios of the Patio. The Patio will function as an area centered round the path system and the various sub-areas of the patio, where life is lived through common activities, individual absorption and interaction between people. The patio stretches into the connecting street of the shopping centre and its unique placing in the centre landscape is rendered visible and strengthened. Each sub-area has its own characteristics, its own specialty. The movement between the different atmospheres and stimulation of the senses in the form of sounds, scents, a mixture of materials, physical activities etc. is vital for the proposal. Central to the experience of the proposal is the flowing movement of the path and space layout through the heart of the shopping centre. In some areas of the patio, the paths are narrow, in other areas they are wide spaces with never ending prospects. The Patio becomes a varied space where you can be active and participate but also be passive and observing. The immediate urban environment will be activated and integrated into the Patio as a bridge to the surrounding Shopping centre. Here in the open area is a water feature which reflects the light and spreads the soft sound of water to its surroundings. The light setting and vague changes in the topography is flexible and together with the surroundings, it creates the possibility to work with changing scenarios.

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