Location: Gentofte, Denmark
Area: 6.000 m2
Status: Realized 2009

The vision for Maglegaardsskolen’s outdoor area is first and foremost to create greater differentiation, variation, flexibility and space. These qualities are obtained when a space can accommodate different uses and a variety of moods.

Maglegaardsskolen’s new outdoor area contains many different spaces which challenge the pupils and facilitate all kinds of play, movement, learning and social interaction. The schoolyard is divided into sub areas where functions and moods supplement each other. Together this creates the varied environment which is required for a mixed age group when as many needs as possible are to be accommodated. Certain areas are defined by their function whereas others are more undefined and provide room for individual interpretation. On a whole, the school’s area is to function as a social meeting point, also outside normal school hours. Dynamics and change in the surroundings of the school are ensured by giving the users the ability to influence the surroundings so the area picks up the imprints of the user activities. Finally, the schoolyard is to have a clear individual character which can connect the area despite the differences.

A wide range of opportunities is integrated into the zones. As a direct extension of the indoor educational facilities room has been provided for outdoor educational environments by creating work terraces which are directly connected with special-subject rooms with protected workshop areas and an experimental station. In addition, physical and motoric challenging elements have been integrated for both the younger and the older pupils such as different balancing equipment and a climbing sculpture by artist Hans Henrik Øhlers   as well as relaxing areas where the pupils can relax and reload and let the imprints of the day settle.

The outdoor area was built over two phases. First phase was finish in 2008, where the rough zone in the south was built. Low hills were made by excavated soil from the building process of the adjacent artificial grass football field. Second phase involved the rest of the school, and most importantly saw a long sought cleanup of the old road intersection in the Welcome area of the school yard. Total cost of Dkr. 2.2 mio. (Approx. EUR 300.000)

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