Site: Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Area: 7.500 m2

Status: Competition
Extract from the judges’ deliberation: The proposal analyses Vesterbro district and concludes that it is about neighbourhood, community and tolerance and that Vesterbro is characterised by not yet having been destroyed by the standardised tendencies of globalisation. The proposal wants the church to be a response to these trends. The project suggests an eating room combined with workshop, studio and movement. The panel of judges wishes to emphasise the project’s social aspect in the ’dine with your neighbour concept’. The church is used as a communal kitchen for the residents of the area where you can save time by only having to cook once in a while and at the same time get to know your neighbours by eating together. In addition, the project is highlighted for its treatment of the square. In a simple way, one has achieved the creation of a large area of movement stretching over the entire space and involving the institutions around the square, thereby binding them closer together. The surface is asphalt, which through its material visually connects the square with the surrounding streets. A number of green islands with trees and various integrated functions are placed in the square. The panel of judges emphasises in particular the simplicity in the interaction between these two elements.

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