Site: Odinsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark

Area: 1.000 m2

Status: Sketch proposal
We basically see a pocket park as a small defined space in the city; an oasis that looks inward into its own little world thereby separating itself from the surrounding city. It is a place that encourages homely leisure, a local living room.
The carpet

The space is cleared of everything, except for trees, and a carpet is laid out. It functions as an outline of the space and a warm and soft surface for leisure. The carpet is a visually strong and identity-forming element / approach that signals you are stepping into a space that is different from its surroundings.

Outdoor elements are placed in a manner that signal homeliness in the form of caricatured furniture casts. Lighting elements in the form of giant room lamps create a unifying space in the area and an intimate and quiet atmosphere. Birdsong from a hidden loudspeaker creates a sound barrier, a quiet break in the traffic noise. The existing and any new trees will of course be protected by giant jars.
We feel that it is our primary task to realise and visualise the dreams and visions we all have for Copenhagen and its urban space

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