Location: Kalmar, Sweden
Area: 7.600 m²
Status: Realized 2006

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Mats Haglund, Project Manager at Kalmar Council, sees the innovative environment as the first step towards a higher value creation in the area. At the same time, the project has become a political success because it lies in a politically neglected and problematic district where a project has been successfully created and embraced by the residents.

”The purpose is to create a multi-facetted environment where the residents can meet – and get involved. According to Mats the co-operation between the client and the architect is of great importance for the project result. With Kragh & Berglund we get professional and creative landscape architects who are innovative both in analysis and design. Their design is exciting and focuses on the social aspect – how people, in particular children and young people, can experience and use the design of the area.”

The task consisted of creating life in the centre of an urban area, near Norrliden, Kalmar in Sweden. The town centre includes a library, a kindergarten, a school and a church. In addition, there is also some trading activity. Previously, most of the area was used for parking and there was no room for activities and play. A total of 7,600 m² had to be renovated and vitalised. In co-operation with Kalmar Council a concept was developed which was flexible and could be tailored to the users’ requirements and be completed successfully on a limited budget.

Consumer involvement requires a flexible and strong concept

The consumer had a direct influence on the arrangement of functions and areas and there were many requirements put forward for programming from the various interested parties in the area. This process has resulted in a project which is functionally diverse and which is greatly enjoyed by those who use the place on a daily basis.

It was a requirement from the client that it should be possible to realise the concept and the design with limited means. This meant preparing a robust concept in which the design could be adjusted and changed during the process.

The project has been prepared to project proposal level. To this should be added client consulting services during the execution phase. The project has been developed in close co-operation with Kalmar Council, a highly involved client willing to experiment with solutions and materials – necessitated by a limited budget.

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