Site: Iraq
Area: 1.5 km2
Status: Masterplan

Main idea
The aim of the architectural development is to create a residential area of great beauty and diversity inspired by Arabic tradition and culture. The vast numbers of building types and variation in heights of the buildings will give a lively and ever changing background for daily life in Peace Town. The central park will be the backbone of the overall structure and will be connected thru the green corridor/streets thru the area. The greens structure will insure great living qualities and improve the local environment

Overall Concept
The basic shapes of the buildings are inspired by the number “7” that is of great importance in the Islamic culture. This basic shape is used to create many different types of buildings starting as low rise 4 floor buildings and rising to 12 floors. Simply by rotating and mirroring the shapes and combing the different heights, a wonderful and entrancing three dimensional pattern are created by very rational means. The repetition of shapes further more ensures a low cost and efficient building process.

The local sub centers will be embedded in the green structure, were the divesred infrastructure will increase the feeling of security and well being.

Collaborators: Lars Gitz Architects, Future System Developments Sweden AB, National Investment Commission .
Copyrights: Renderings Lars Gitz Architects. Buildings Lars Gitz, Masterplan Kragh & Berglund, Landscape Kragh & Berglund

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