Site: Ribe domkirke
Area: 9.000 m2
Status: Competition

The aim of the project is to create a simple, coherent and beautiful square that is linked physically and mentally to the adjoining city. A central square with the church as a clear focus around which good frameworks and new possibilities for urban life, leisure and a free flow on the pedestrians’ terms are created. The proposal is aimed at achieving a dynamic, lively and modern square that is integrated in the local residents’ awareness and everyday life. It is a square that functions as a cathedral square but also as an open space in the city.

The cathedral square exudes history, even from below the ground. In the proposal some of the many stories of the city, the church and the square come to light by gently and precisely stripping away the terrain towards the church. A bowl-shaped site emerges that allows the church to ‘land’ in the square again. The cathedral can again be presented within the frames of the city and urban life is allowed to meet the church at its very foundations. The organic shape of the square enables the stringent geometry of the church to appear in full view. It is detached from the styles of the church but embraces the church in a classic grasp allowing the ’church alone in the hill’ to re-emerge in a new landscape.

The proposal is the result of a work process based on a few simple and robust main strategies that aim at achieving a simple and beautiful whole where function, aesthetics, history and experience weave together and complement each other.

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