Site: Rødovre, Denmark
Areal: 4.400 m2
Project status: Competition, 2nd prize

The new Rødovre high rise is two towers dancing by the gate of the metropolis of Copenhagen. Working inside the site lines, the design designates the east part of the site for a public square, committing to revitalizing the neighborhood. The west tower rises up from the ground and flares out slightly to the engage the street of Roskildevej. The east tower takes its form from a rethinking of the podium – tower relationship. Instead of a typical podium, the lower part of the west tower appears as a skirt, under which minimal footprint is assigned to allow maximum public area. The skirt-like skin provides shelter and a playful atmosphere for the underneath public space and lifts the commercial and business programs to upper floors, the skirt provides a generous vertical void that spatially connects the public to the upper floors while providing 360 degree view for the offices.

The main question for the landscape design is how to integrate a high-rise tower in a local context, so it contributes not only as a landmark but also as a unique experience, and with local benefit. To create a pleasant and intriguing square, where the conditions for a diverse user group to rest and have activities are good, where the wind factor is minimized, and an urban coherence with the surroundings, and with a rich urban life.

The landscape concept is to create a unique square, which has two main themes: transformations and the rooting in the local context. The main themes appear in the functions of the square, as a traffic junction for bicycles, pedestrians and cars and as a social point of interest for the local citizens in the area. The square has a characteristic forest, which in combination with light and water creates daily physical changes in the urban space, which constantly gives new impressions for the by passers, the citizens and the people who will live and work in the new building.

The area is condensed with a forest plantation, mixing with the existing surrounding trees. The forest is both a part of the building and a part of the local environment; it gives the tower a local rooting and scale. The forest plantation has a wind breaking effect and emphasizes the tower as something that filters the light, where the forest transforms softly into a building. In the forest is the square. The square has a hard floor that invites for both resting and games. It is partly covered by the skirt of the tower which creates possibilities for sheltered activities, like smaller concerts; flee markets, Christmas market, etc. People living in the surrounding area can use the square for activities, and get a new urban space. The minimized footprint opens for a new type of urban high rise square, where the public space becomes a part of the urban context. The square attracts a diversified crowd through the different events.

The topography is basically softly molded with smaller variations, with the highest points towards Roskildevej. Closer to the buildings smaller variations on a flat square creates the possibility to have water with different functions and extensions. This can be smaller fountains in the summer for the children to play in, or an iced surface in the winter for skating, or simply to reflect the sky and the structure of the building. The variations on the square are small, basically flat but with minor differences on 5cm variations that, makes it possible to float part of the area. The surface is free of edges and steps, so the handicapped and disabled people can use the square and access the building, without obstructions.

Water scenery can be adjusted and controlled by the events that take place. When it is calm in the area for instance during the evening, there could be larger shallow water surfaces. These mirroring water surfaces can reflect the building structures, the trees and the light. Or it can be smaller water fountains during the summer that gives a different soundscape and creates a possibility for children to play with the water.

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