Place: Gentofte, Denmark

Area: 6,000 m²

Status: Realized 2007

Since 1998 SKUB has been at the forefront of Gentofte Kommune’s educational development and enlargement project. Right from the start its ambition has been to provide the local children with optimum learning conditions at school where improved wellbeing is to create the preconditions for an improvement in learning, social and personal skills. The landscape architects Kragh&Berglund are one of the creative partners in a partnership which designs the educational environments. They define the ideal schoolyard environment as a place which is first and foremost developed on the premises of the children and takes their many different activity requirements into account. There should be a variety of play and leisure opportunities for all age groups and for both sexes. Both for quiet, relaxing activities as well as for wild, energetic games in order to stimulate the everyday development of the children both motorically, physically, socially and intellectually. This ideal is being implemented in a number of schools in Gentofte Municipality in co-operation with SKUB where the crucial keywords are imagination, variability, dynamics, movement, sporadic settling, amusing combinations of materials, process and user dialogue – all the components which together can create a completely original sense of identity to each school.

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