Site: Hørsholm, Denmark
Area: 4.500 m2
Status: Realized 2010, 1st prize

An attractive and lively gazebo with a direct connection to a varied landscape for play was the aim of the design for the climate-friendly kindergarten Solhuset. Here simple, child-friendly architecture is combined with a number of energy-oriented elements that in part minimise the energy consumption of the kindergarten and in part generate climate-friendly energy through solar collectors, solar cells and heat pumps.

The concept for the play landscape is simple: to create a journey through a safe and varied landscape that intersects the building and thereby connects the inside with the outside and vice versa. The purpose is to stimulate the individual child’s needs both actively and passively.

As a starting point the outdoor areas are formed as a continuation of the overall idea and layout of the house. The different playground equipment is adapted so that the activities can support the different age groups. A hilly island landscape rises around the building as an independent topographical level. The islands are conceived of as stylised Danish landscape types represented by the hill, the dune, the flowery meadow, the wood, the kitchen garden, etc.

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