Site: Stenløse syd, Denmark
Area:15.000 m2
Status: Realized 2008

Stenløse Syd (South) consists of 66 housing units distributed in 8 buildings, spread out on the site as a fan with a through-running access road in the middle planted with sorbus intermedia on both sides of the road. The housing is low-energy buildings with great consideration of the environment. In the project there is great emphasis on the use of environmentally correct building materials, good indoor climate as well as on low energy consumption. Prefabricated elements are used and the building volumes vary in number of stories, from 1-3 stories, which brings variation to the housing area. In between the buildings there large green common areas with cut grass and solitary trees is laid out. The housing units are separated by beech hedges in varying length and height. In addition to this, grass-gardens is laid out in the area, containing different sorts of grasses. The buildings are covered with dark grey plates and windows in raw aluminum. All access stairs and balconies are carried out in electroplated steel and additional buildings such as bike and garbage sheds are in undressed wood. Large landings, wooden terraces and balconies holds the possibility for outdoor stay close to the housing units and on both sides of the buildings.

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