Site: Umeå, Sweden
Area: 65.000 m2
Status: Under construction, 1st prize

Umeva was won in a competition with BAU arkitekter, Stockholm. Umeva is a water treatment plant where we have focussed in the landscape on working on LAR local drainage of rainwater of different types as well as planting that adds a layer of new space to the area, and that weaves into the surrounding planting and creates an experience at eye level to achieve not only an industrial area but also a place of leisure. The idea is to solve a drainage problem and at the same time add other qualities, planting experiences and places of leisure, etc.

1. Percolation basin.
2. Drainage to bed through broken kerbstones.
3. Ditch.
4. Collection of roof water at facade.
5. Collection of water in fascine.
6. Water is directed to the bed through grates.
7. Visible fascine in terrain.

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