Site: Vanløse, Denmark
Area: 8.000 m2
Status: Sketch project

Five 8-13 m high sculptures created by Per Arnoldi will provide the area with a new and quite unique identity in the urban landscape of Copenhagen. The sculptures will, through their size, function as a visual attraction from the railway area and start a new story about the area and will also create a unique experience through the area of the proposed path system.

The landscape is kept quite simple and subordinate to the sculptures but at the same time it tells its own story about the former railway function and a new activity park in the city.

The path system and the small informal open spaces / openings are designed in white asphalt. The low, sloping walls, which are placed on each side of the path and which create excitement along the route though their bends and twists, are constructed as a dry wall in black slate. The other areas on each side of the path are designed as triangular areas with a primary surface in cut grass. The surfaces crop up in tight hills, 2 to 3 m high towards the railway and 1 m towards the houses.

The planting consists of an open grove / roof of locust tree leaves at the eastern entrance and systematic planting of three rows of round locust trees in a wide pavement along the access road to the west. Low trees / high bushes with sculptural growth are planted around the Sculpture Park.

The area is divided off from the garden city by a wide and tall beech hedge. In some places low walls are established for decoration with street art, as a contrast to the large sculptures and / or activities such as climbing wall. Towards the railway is a minimum 2 m high open fence that follows the shape of the landscape.

A number of new activities are provided for the residents in the area. It is suggested that a unique slide / hilly landscape be established between the path and the sculpture square a unique slide / hilly landscape. Three epoxy slides will shoot up and down in a blue ocean of rubber asphalt.

In the informal open spaces / openings along the path canopies with barbecue areas, a small cycle-racing track, basketball goals, skateboard ramps, etc. are established. To the east an open space for reflection is created! The open space slopes towards the houses and ends in a reflecting wall. Rainwater is retained in the area and creates a changeable water surface.
It is suggested that a new sculpture park / garden be established in the area with the kitchen gardens. The open space is divided off by a high beech hedge as mentioned. Access to the Sculpture Park is from the path but it will also be possible to walk into the area from the wide pavement with parasol acacias.

There are 16 bases / foundations in the park on which an ongoing exhibition of sculptures is sited. A seventeenth base is placed in the northeast corner. This is to function as an open rostrum, Vanløse’s and Copenhagen’s ‘Speakers Corner’. Low sitting steps are constructed in grass in connection with the rostrum to the north. A long reflecting pool will be established along the eastern side.
Lighting and drainage are not treated in detail in this phase. However it is a lighting requirement that the path must feel safe and light and that the space be marked. Establishing special lighting should also be considered around the five sculptures.

Drainage on the path can be placed in the transverse bands where the path bends. The path is established without a camber but with a one-sided fall in the longitudinal direction to the bands.

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