Site: Vigerslevparken, Copenhagen
Area: 1500 m2
Status: Realized 2008

The proposal is based on an octopus motif in the form of a central part from which the octopus arms or tentacles takes start.

The central part of the playground consists of a big climbing sculpture. From this central part the arms of the octopus is spreading out and surrounds various play areas. In these play areas different play elements from Kompan A / S are located, as well as a garden of senses with fragrant perennials in beds and a wooden deck for sitting and relaxation.

The paving is fine-grained sand and for the edges of the different paths narrow concrete blocks are used. These edges are also used for the beds in the garden of senses.

The distribution and selection of the various types of play elements gives a naturally distribution of the playground and divides it into an area for wild game, game for older children, and play area for small children. The “tentacles” are used as path and between the paths are positioned different play hills which gives the expression of ocean banks. Plantation is also located between the play areas and creates small play forest for hiding.

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