Site: Tianjin, China
Area: 110.000 m2
Status: Realized 2011

The buildings plots are situated along a green “common” running from east to west in the middle of the site, a sort of Central Park Area. The common is made with reference to the river as a landscape element in nature. The Main Access Road slowly meanders through the planting; high and low, light and dense, just as a river that over time has carved its own way and left behind low hills and waterholes. The nature around the river is varied and rich.

1. Aiming towards suppliers for the wind turbine industry the site should: – have a strong architectural concept in the landscape design as well as in the building design. – be as flexible as possible in order to be divided into and built in multiple phases. – have a strong logistic system both in people and goods transportation. – have a significant profile on sustainability on as many accounts as possible. The main goal is to create a flexible industrial site in a beautiful and interesting landscape, but at the same time the area shall have efficient infrastructure and be sustainable.

2. A strong branding strategy is needed from the beginning. Future company leaders, workers want to know that this area development will be the most comfortable, intersting and beautiful place to work. With keywords as: – Landmarks, creating visibility, physical as well as mental. – Adaptable layout design, giving companys the ability to put their fingerprint on their plot. – Environment and sustainability, making sure that throughout all phases the project considerations on CO2 emissions and among other things. – Social sustainabilty, leading the way in health and good working conditions.

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