Site: Wuqing, China
Area: 150.000 m2
Status: CD

The view to the lake from the area and the houses are important factors that affects the design. The
more faces and views to the lake – in fact everybody should have the possibility to see and feel the

The view from the commercial center should frame the lake and make a unique structure that would
make people take the trip from the commercial center to the restaurant and leisure located in the

Aiming towards suppliers a nice leisure area, the site should:
– have a strong connection between the lake, the promenade and the commercial center
– have a strong architectural concept in the landscape design as well as in the building design.
– be as flexible as possible in order to be divided into and built in multiple phases or just one.
– have a strong logistic system both in people and goods transportation.
– have a significant profile on sustainability on as many accounts as possible.
The main goal is to create a flexible restaurant and leisure area site, in a beautiful and interesting
landscape, but at the same time the area shall have efficient infrastructure and be sustainable.

Copyright: Kragh & Berglund Landskabsarkitekter

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