Prequalified for children universe Grindsted

Prequalified for
children universe

We have been shortlisted along with COBE to the universe of children in Grindsted. Dubai Municipality has initiated a process to children called “Children’s Universe”. The process involves the municipality wants to be proactive and to think: Thinking of changing structures in altered units in size and changed content. Therefore offered the job, involving a total advice for conversion and extension to the Children’s Universe in Billund Stage 1 and Stage 2. Stage 1 comprises the construction / extension of approximately 800kvm. at the address Engdraget 8 in London. Phase 2 includes the conversion of two existing buildings, approximately 1 200kvm. Located on Engdraget 8 and Tuen 2 in Billund. The task includes comprehensive advice on the basis of a program document prepared by the institution’s users. The assignment includes both design as the execution period.