Haukås, Bergen, NO


Bergen Kommune

Project status

Afleveret 2012


COBE, DRMA, Rambøll, Yngve Andren Konsult


Our strategy for Haukås is based on four sub-strategies, which together draw the district's development plan. The development plan seeks to set the terms for an integrated sustainable development of the city as an intelligent structure planned to deal with climate change.

Through our evaluation of various principles for development up to the criteria in the table, as well as assessment according to the nature of the place in terms of nature, existing buildings and use, the principle of sharpening to two separate centers differed as the best. We call the new Haukås and continue and expand Hylkje. One center wanted become too fluid, three centers each given too little weight. In line with our focus on contradictions as a starting point for opportunities, gives two center formations the opportunity to cultivate two identities.


One brings together the institutions around Haukås into an overall urban development, while it others continue Hylkje around the watercourse's outlet to the fjord. The two cities are linked together of the watercourse, which becomes a social park connection between them, and one unifying social backbone for urban development in each of the two densification areas. IN the party between these two densification areas, will a recreational and gentle area between the mountain top and the water's edge, the mountain and the fjord connect.