Tianjin, China


15.000 m2


Sino Singapore

Contract Period



Archiland, HAO


Nominated WAF (Singapore 2014)


Binhai Ecocity is a masterplan for an ecocity valley in Tianjin, China. By creating a new and green environment, Kragh&Berglund help bring the city closer to nature and provide better living conditions for the citizens. The project’s main principle is that the city should give something back to the locals: it should produce more electricity than it consumes, allow wildlife to flourish in the area, and provide social and cultural opportunities for the locals.

Binhai is a city of tomorrow – one that reworks the old city and improves it with intelligent solutions. The new ecocity will have a vast variety of botanical species and the water cleansing system will gradually clean the river and provide a more attractive microclimate. The area provides shield from the wind and the sun, which will make it a pleasant place to spend time outdoors and a place to which people want to return.

A green axis is brought in as a plugin that connects the city with the cultural institutions and establishes nature as an integrated part of the city. This could be a flowery meadow or a forest of cherry trees from where you can enjoy the view to the buildings. A number of recreational elements are introduced, among other things a rainwater management system that can be used for activities. The combination of urban context and green technology will make the area into a place for learning and collecting experience for future urban development projects.