Copenhagen, DK


Region Hovedstaden, Bispebjerg Hospital

Competition Year



Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architecture, Rambøll


Together with Schmidt Hammer Lassen and Rambøll, Kragh&Berglund participated in the 2014 competition for the newest addition to Bispebjerg Hospital. The hospital already has a well-functioning landscape with a central axis that unites buildings and gardens together in a campus structure. Our goal was thus to find a solution that would allow us to expand and preserve the existing landscape qualities while being able to maintain a pragmatic and flexible approach to a modern hospital.

We chose a simple landscape design. The hospital is established over a park street that is centrally led down through the building. Between the wings of the building, the greenery expands and connects with the surrounding park in a series of courtyards, forming lush green oases, roof gardens, and green walls. On all accessible surfaces between the wings, trees, creepers, green walls are established so that the green structure is apparent and becomes part of the hospital's green hierarchy, from both inside and outside.


The park and the hospital are linked together by an inner park street with trees and green beds tied together by an urban floor, the central axis. The trees dampen the acoustics, divide the large space into intimate ones, decrease the CO2 levels in the air, and provide a comfortable living space. The park street forms a central arrival room between the old Bispebjerg Hospital and the new Bispebjerg Hospital building in a simple way and provides a dignified arrival situation that welcomes the visitor.