Brøndby, DK


900.000 m2

Project status

1st prize 2014


Domus, BCVA og Moe A/S


Today the entire district and landscape is organized east-west, appears monotonous and offers little-to-no experiences. The buildings are classified by function and layered in both plan and section. The ramparts and the separated traffic pattern means, that pedestrians and cyclists generally never have a clear view, which ultimately results in the area feeling quite unsafe. At the same time we have climate challenges at district level, especially in terms of rainwater, where we as a society in the coming years have to devise new solutions. These major changes must be used to create lasting values, spatially, socially and environmentally. A new face towards the world.

The project won 1st prize in 2014. Extract from the Judge Committee reads that "the project's description of rainwater management is the most ambitious in the entire competition, and as such is exemplary as both climate protection and as generator for new urban development”.


Fremtidens Brøndby Strand Parkerne er et område som både rummer store kvaliteter bymæssigt og som ligger midt i naturen. Det rummer det bedste fra naturen og det bedste fra byen. Naturen tæt på og et rigt byliv. Her tænkes klimaet ind i hvert aspekt af dagligdagen – og bliver et pejlemærke energimæssigt, transportmæssigt og socialt.