Brøndby, DK


900.000 m2


Brøndby Strands boligselskaber

Project status

1st prize 2014 “The Brøndby Strand Parks of the Future”


Domus, BCVA og Moe A/S


In 2014, Kragh&Berglund and our partners DOMUS, URBAN POWER, and MOE won the architectural competition for “The Brøndby Strand Parks of the Future.” For this purpose, the team developed a comprehensive and ambitious design manual for all of Brøndby Strand Parkerne as well as Strandesplanaden – an area that is both lush and full of urban qualities, but also faces several challenges.

The design manual consisted of 4 principal strategies for the landscape that were based on registrations, input from focus groups and a comprehensive involvement process for the residents of the area. Firstly, four squares provide the compound with a new face and new accessible meeting places. Additionally, the area gets a level-free and uninterrupted connection where pedestrians and cyclists can gather. Water is considered a resource, a source of lushness and biodiversity, and planted areas gets priority over paved ones. Finally, the road to the recreational areas is made shorter and safer, transport corridors are turned into interesting green spaces, and a high-quality bike path connects the area.


In their assessment of the plan, the judges described the project’s proposal for a rainwater management as “the most ambitious in the competition and as exemplary in its approach to urban climate proofing and the generation of new urban development.”