Herlev, DK


60.000 m2


Region Hovedstaden, Herlev Hospital


2nd Place

Competition Year



Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects, Arcrum Arkitekter, Heinle, Wischer und Partner Architekten, Midtconsult A/S, ÅF – Hansen & Henneberg


As part of the project competition intended to illustrate the possibilities for expanding Herlev Hospital, Kragh&Berlund helped create a vision for a modern identity for the compound. The proposal was rooted in the idea of a campus where varied open spaces would constitute an independent organism. Squares, parks, gardens, and atriums would assist with orientation and offer vastly improved recreational quality to the benefit of patients, visitors, and staff.

The proposal mounts the challenge of Herlev Hospital’s large scale with a less differentiated scale that allows for privacy and intimacy. The structure is built around a clearing that serves as an extension of the cultural axis leading up to the new main entrance. The axis will contain a network of trails that connect the hospital and the city, and form large and small squares with opportunities for different activities and experiences.


The project has high ambitions for optimizing the energetically speaking passive qualities, especially with regard to exploiting daylight in combination with light control. The proposal also contains a qualified distinction between energy use and CO2 emissions. Last but not least, the proposal was developed in collaboration with the visual artist Nina Sten-Knudsen, who has helped point to a series of principles for artistic analysis and coloring that will create the right conditions for positively impacting the individual person.