Holbæk, DK


413.861 m2


Holbæk Municipality

Project Start


Project Status

Completed 2018


Morten C. Henriksen Entreprenør, Kullegård Arkitekter


Holbæk Sportsby (Active City) is a poetic and eventful park where people meet across age groups, backgrounds; where the pensioner and the tennis player, a sensory garden and the future skatepark can be found side by side. It is an example of a park where movement, activity and play all meet in a scenic setting. The landscape consists of several large facilities ranging from athletics and petanque fields to BMX hills and a riding path, as well as hybrid zones for unorganized sports like parkour.

The project has won “Sports Construction of the Year” 2020

Holbæk Sportsby provides an incentive to move, for example because a run can take place in the beautiful surroundings. The park and the experiences are inspired by the surrounding cultural landscape; the meeting between the cultivated fields and the uncultivated nature, which is also between rational and irrational thinking; structured and playful activities. This field of tension is what makes it interesting to spend time in the park. Loops connect the park’s area and functions that consist of a network of paths with a main path moving north to south. The facilities have gathered the area’s activities and created new communities.


“Holbæk Sportsby is a visionary offer from Holbæk Municipality on how to gather the majority of the municipality's sports facilities under one roof. Holbæk Sportsby has the potential to become a reference facility for municipalities in Denmark. ”

The professional jury at the nomination of this year’s sports building