Hvidovre, DK


24.000 m2


Capital Region

Contract Period

2012-2021 (main project submitted in 2020)


SHL, LINK Architecture, The Architect Group Aarhus


In Hvidovre, Kragh&Berglund has designed the new extension and plan for Hvidovre Hospital in collaboration with Schmidt-Hammer Lassen and LINK Architecture. The extension consists of a new emergency room as well as new departments for obstetrics and cardiology, while the landscape project includes a new arrival zone, multiple inner courtyards for patients, visitors, and staff, and a large rainwater drainage project on the hospital parking lot.

At Hvidovre Hospital, Kragh&Berglund has created a health-promoting landscape that reduces the stress associated with illness and hospitalization. 15 inner courtyards of different sizes and characteristics provide patients and their visitors with an opportunity for privacy and calm in an open landscape. The courtyards have a calming effect by creating positive associations and vary in size, some are open common spaces and others intimate niches.


The hospital forecourt has been expanded to create a more inviting arrival situation that focuses on accessibility and wayfinding through the large hospital area. Additionally, Kragh&Berglund has redesigned the new parking lots by simply and cheaply planting 150 new willow trees that will absorb large quantities of water and CO2 over time. The trees are intended to turn the parking lot into a beautiful forest, which will have a positive effect on the local environment and biodiversity.