Copenhagen, DK


18.000 m2


CPH Construction

Contract Period



Holscher Nordberg Architecture and Planning, CPH Construction


Lindgreens Alle is an urban residential situated in Amager in Copenhagen. The greenery plays an important role in the residential urban space as it was designed in adherence with the local plan. Leading to beach-like vegetation facing outward towards Amager Beach Park and forest-like vegetation facing inwards. Much of the green area is placed on top of an underground parking garage allowing Kragh&Berglund to explore the possibilities of planting atop a basement.

Also, on site will soon be a café, community-shared building, and a covered sitting area and almost every roof is a green roof. A sense of visual continuity is achieved by matching the red bricks of the buildings, red paving bricks, and red sand in some plant beds.

New residences deserve new solutions

Plant beds are raised above the pathways in order to discourage walking through and avoid damage to the plantings which so far, has proved to be successful. Rainwater was also taken into consideration in the design. Excess water is lead away from the site and to the rainwater basin that follows Amagerbanen.