Norrtälje harbor

Norrtälje, SV


170.200 m


Norrtälje Municipality

Competition Year



COBE, Schmidt Hammer Lassen


In collaboration with COBE and Schmidt Hammer Lassen, Kragh&Berglund participated in the 2015 competition to design the future harbor in the lively city of Norrtälje outside of Stockholm. The design of the harbor promenade continues the story of the water as the area's social backbone. The new port generates an active process in the new district and creates life med activities that reflect the opportunities offered by the water.

With the connection to the water edge as well as the historic city center, the program integrates swimming opportunities, beach volley, play, urban farming and great places to rest all in one area. The place retains its dynamic and robust scale, which makes for a flexible urban space with room for change as well as a cityscape that changes with the season and activities. With the port project, Norrtälje is one step closer to regaining its 19th century status as a well-visited seaside resort.


Norrtälje Harbor will be developed as part of the city and its center. The new district will have a good living environment for people of different ages and backgrounds. The new district will also be an attractive destination for Norrtälje residents as well as for visitors from afar. With the new harbor district, the city center grows, and the quay becomes the city's living room – a highly attractive public space full of opportunities.