Roskilde, DK


32.000 m2

Competition Standing

1st Prize

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RTS can be compared with a society with functions to satisfy specific needs and an infrastructure that connects people to functions, people to people and in particular RTS to the urban life and the activities around the building. The interior of RTS forms the framework of a study and research universe with synergy and an interdisciplinary community as the recurrent theme, and with visual contact between the different parts of the school and to Musicon. RTS has potential as an urban life generator in the new district. The many students and teachers will not only populate RTS but will also reinvigorate the entire area.

The landscape unites the area and creates a clear connection between existing and new buildings. The area in front of the existing buildings is subdivided by a promenade that ends in a central open place. Pockets of different activities and parking zones are linked to the promenade. Grey poplar trees create a light roof of leaves along the promenade. The central open place forms a junction between the campus area and the rest of Musicon, and connects Musicon to the festival area on the other side of the motorway with a pedestrian and bicycle system. The open space contains potential for sport and leisure, and due to its size it will be possible to arrange major events.

The reed wood creates a distinct landscape element between the motorway and the buildings, and at the same time functions as a percolation basin for the entire area.