Sandvika, NO


131.384 m2


Sandvika Municipality

Project Status

Delivered 2012


COBE, DRMA, Rambøll, ViaTrafik


The proposal is based on an anchoring in the site's potentials and qualities. We want to respect and highlight the spirit of the place.

The goal of the project is to create the framework for better city life. It must be attractive to explore. We propose a number of interventions, which together, provide a number of new movement and experience routes in the city. Curiosity must be piqued and it is planned that you go exploring yourself, rather than having one specific route designated. The city must offer many different types of experiences as unpredictability is a quality.


Trade, culture and leisure life are emphasized equally. In order to create an optimal framework for city life, the focus should be on a broad target group and the activities should be spread out over the day / year. It must be attractive to park the car, and move around the city on foot.

Understanding the scale of the city is absolutely essential. Sandvika is a small city and should be treated as such. The clarity, the proximity to nature and the landscape, and the local life are considered essential qualities. It also requires a robust and flexible plan that can be executed at the pace and in the stages that are appropriate. The interventions must be able to function individually, while at the same time adding new layers and attractions to the city.