Copenhagen, DK


51.800 m2


By&Havn, PFA


1st Prize Competition Proposal

Contract Period


Collaboration with

Christensen og Co arkitekter a/s, Urban Power, MOE Rådgivende Ingeniører a/s, Urban Creators


The masterplan for this unique place turns the traditional housing block inside out: all practical functions are moved from the courtyards and into the public space and turn things like trash into a physical and social resource. Vehicles are banned from the streets that become a green and car-free meeting place for residents and the public. The primary intervention into the landscape is based on the idea of a village by a hill. An artificial hill measuring 4,75 m. structures the development plan and constitutes a discreet but comprehensive rainwater harvesting system that leads the rain towards the harbor and protects against flooding.


The landscape emphasizes urban nature, green courtyards, and preservation of the area’s original plants and trees. The green areas serve as a buffer zone between the neighborhood and the roads and soften the long streetscapes. The artificial hill creates a system of channels and small lakes, while simultaneously supporting the neighborhood’s wildlife and biodiversity. Three main squares with different programming connect to the road system and create meeting points for the locals. A new kindergarten with a close connection to the local environment is being planned is currently being planned in the north-western corner of the area.