Charlottelund, DK


3.000 m2


Danish Handicapped Association, The AP Møller Foundation

Project Status

Completed 2018


Nominated for the Award for Sustainable Concrete 2018


The first proposal for the new beach aimed at restoring and rethinking the area's high requirements for coastal protection after an extensive storm damage. The municipality had decided that a high wall had to be built that would keep the water, but also the view away. Kragh & Berglund chose instead to pull the coastal protection further back into the landscape, in order to maintain the view and availability for the users of Stranden. This decision created space for a universal sloping coastal design, which ensures free movement for all user groups.


In addition to the requirements for coastal and cloudburst protection of the terrain, it was also necessary to start from Stranden's complex user group, which should have optimal conditions to use the area. The ramp leading into the water makes the sea easily accessible to everyone. Behind the coastal protection a recreational park area is created with several easily accessible alcoves that create shelter and privacy. The users of the Danish Handicap Federation's beach receive an equivalent beach experience with the same degree of freedom and enjoyment as everyone else.


“Through an open and honest dialogue, Stranden's many stakeholders and the complex user group have been involved in the process from idea to result. From the beginning Kragh & Berglund had a good understanding of the project’s conditions. They successfully combined creativity and originality in the design with the project’s economy and timeframe. The result is an original proposal for a modern waterfront that creates optimal conditions for users with mobility disabilities to access the Stranden.”

Thomas Møller Kristensen, Client consultant for A.P. Møller Foundation