Self-locking clinker, a strong aesthetic.

The oldest buildings, that still stand firmly in our Danish landscape, are built out of burnt clay. The last 1500 years, bricks and tiles have been a crucial material in shaping our culture. They have been the building stones of everything, from iconic dwellings such as Hornbækhus, to a countless number of churches throughout the country. In other words, our culture is constructed out of clinkers and tiles. The clinker is a sustainable material which after many years of use keeps its strength and increases its aesthetic quality. It is a material that gives a warmth and materiality that can hardly be achieved with cement products.

Therefore, we are working on the development of a brick that is self-locking and can create a strong pattern. We strive to develop a form that can be laid in many ways, so that the expression of this one simple brick can be adjusted to customized wishes. The stone should also be able to function in combination with standard clinker types, so that we can develop yet another classic in the Danish selection of pavement clinkers.